We pride ourselves on creating a look that is truly unique to your home and will exceed your expectations.


Plantings can create a specific effect based on the overall desired look. Loose and single plantings create a more natural feel while hedging will create a more formal and elegant look. Evergreens will give winter color and deciduous plants and trees will give seasonal color options to enhance your landscape.

Courtyard Stone & Landscape Plantings DeciduousCourtyard Stone & Landscape Plantings HedgesCourtyard Stone & Landscape Plantings Evergreens
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Brick pavers are the perfect way to enhance your landscape and are an ideal solution for our Michigan climate. Pavers are available in multiple finishes and colors so the possibilities are endless. Paver quilting and designs can add dimension and a touch of style to your landscape.

Courtyard Stone & Landscape Paver StepsCourtyard Stone & Landscape Paver InlayCourtyard Stone & Landscape Paver Walkways
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Accent Features

Fire pits, Seat walls, Water features, Grills, and Bars are all ways to create unique living areas within your yard. Our design team will help create the outdoor room perfect for your home.

Courtyard Stone & Landscape Accent Features Rock FountainCourtyard Stone & Landscape Accent Features FirepitCourtyard Stone & Landscape Accent Features Grill
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