Pave Clean


Pave Clean is a division of Courtyard Stone & Landscape that specializes in restoring brick pavers to their original beauty. We have a dedicated staff that focuses in repairing, cleaning, and protecting your existing pavers. We use state of the art equipment reducing the typical mess of overspray by extracting all of the waste water and debris associated with pressure washing. This in turn results in a higher quality outcome that will last for years, is environmentally friendly, and can be completed with less time and disruption to your yard.

The Process...

Evaluation... We will evaluate your existing pavers and diagnose the best course of action in restoring them.

Repair... We will repair any pavers that have settled or shifted as well as paver restraints or adhesives that may have failed over time.

Cleaning... The use of hot water helps reduce the need for harsh chemicals to remove mildew, moss, dirt, and oil stains. Occasionally we may need to use strippers and other cleaners to remove previous sealers that were applied incorrectly or to remove stubborn stains.

Sanding/Sealing... We use the highest quality polymer products that offer a variety of different colors and finishes to achieve the overall desired look.